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Product manager

Job duties:

Junior degree and above in electric、electronic、machine communication and foreign language major

More than 2 years of low voltage products (such as the meter box, power distribution cabinets, etc.) related industry management experience;

Have good communication and coordination ability, the written expression and analysis judgment ability, familiar with product development, design process of product marketing has a certain understanding
Note:  professional training (including product and language skills training)
Job requirements:

Be responsible for low voltage product planning and design, product positioning and marketing strategies proposed

Participate in bidding work, including the interpretation of the tender, participate in product planning and design, to assist the tender production, etc.;

Responsible for coordinating daily cohesion of sales and production, technology, and pre-market after-sales service;

Assist all business departments to achieve related work, achieve sales target.


Firmware engineer

Job duties:

Junior degree and above in electronics or instrument major, college graduates or above one year embedded development experience

Good at embedded system programming, proficient in C language programming, data structure and has a deep understanding of software engineering.

Have good team cooperation spirit, good at learning communication, has the sense of responsibility.



 Software Engineer

Job duties:

In the production of software maintenance and development;

Production software, PC software, documentation and filing;

PC software maintenance and development.

Job requirements:

Bachelor degree, major in computer related, more than one year working experience in software development or outstanding graduates

Familiar with c #, familiar with VS2008/2013 environment and. NET development system;

Familiar with c + + language;

 Familiar with SQLite and SQL Server database knowledge, skilled use of SQL language;

Familiar with software engineering has a certain architectural design ability;

Serious and responsible work, has the good team cooperation spirit, good logical thinking, can bear certain work pressure


process engineer

Job duties:

1.Skillfully use padsl, AutoCAD, office software;

2.Has a solid mold electricity, several electricity basis

3.Good at operating oscillograph, multimeter, electric tools, equipment, etc

4.careful, responsible and good communication and coordination ability

5.More than one year work experience

6.Electronic or related major, watt-hour meter related working experience is preferred (college degree or above)

7.Be familiar with the process of watt-hour meter production, technological requirements.

 Job requirements:
1.Understand the basic knowledge of watt-hour meter, the basic circuit principle must be familiar with

2.Prepare the quality plan, technical requisition, external processing requirements, process documents, etc.; 

3.Guide production on site and the ability to deal with the problem;

4.Maintenance of analysis of the defective product, direct production maintenance

5.Have welding capability.


 Automation engineer

Job duties:

Organizing and planning workshop automated assembly line work, operation and maintenance of automation equipment.
Job requirements:
1、Junior degree  or above, major in automation, electrical engineering, mechanical and electrical integration, functional control related major is preferred;

2、2 years or above working experience;

3、Automated mechanical design, automation equipment maintenance, debugging;